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Can't get neo4j bloom running on desktop

I read through some bloom articles and was thinking I didn't need to do anything special to get it as an open option for desktop. I tried a db with version 3.5.15 and 4.1.0. Loaded the data. Enabled multi statement query editor. Still only have the o...

Looking for an evangelist

Hello, I am looking for an evangelist in the Boston area to demo/explain use cases to a business intelligence class. This could run anywhere from 30 - 60 minutes at your discretion. Not sure what the protocol is here for connecting so I will follow y...

SoN Challenges - Final Week

This is the final week of Summer of Nodes ! How time flies! We hope you had fun with last week's challenge and solving the murder mystery! This week we do a virtual walk together in Central Park. Exploring the area In our final Summer of Nodes challe...

SoN Challenges - Week Three

Welcome to week three of Summer of Nodes! The whodunit In this week's challenge we're going to use the graph to solve a murder! Again, these challenges should take approximately one hour each, depending on experience. For details on what’s required f...

lju by Neo4j
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Correction in Graphacademy training docs

In question 2, we are given this query MATCH (a:Person)-[:ACTED_IN]->(m:Movie) (m)<-[:WROTE]-(w:Person) WHERE m.released > 2005 RETURN, m.title, m.released, where we have to correct it. Its a multiple choice question of which two...

SoN Challenges - Week Two

Welcome to week two of Summer of Nodes! We hope you had fun with last week's challenge and are now eager to dive into week two! The online day out In our second two Summer of Nodes challenges you are virtually discovering the Metropolitan Museum in N...

Week 2: Load Tool

Hi, Isn't the load tool suppose to parse the endYears as follows(?): split(coalesce(row.`Artist End Date`,'9999'),'|') AS endYears The way it is right now generates 76 artists w/o endYear. Harold

Bennu by Graph Fellow
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Week 2: Regex Help

Hi everyone, I tried the regex expression shared in the Experiencied challenge but It's not working as expected with apoc.text.regexGroups. It gives no match. apoc.text.regexGroups(row.Dimensions, '\\(( *[0–9]+(\\.[0–9]+)*( *[xX] *[0–9]+(\\.[0–9]+)*)...

Bennu by Graph Fellow
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Arrow tool

Hello, I had some troubles with Arrow tool... is there some guidelines to create multiple relationships on top of already existing ones ?

JPS_Fr31 by Node Link
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SoN Challenges - Week One

So here we are! It is time to officially kick off Summer of Nodes 2020 with our first week’s set of challenges! The Barbecue Nothing marks summertime better than a barbecue – the wonderful combination of food, amazing weather and great company with f...

Broken link on Medium article

In Week 1's Medium article, the link for Summer of Nodes forum category — challenge-related questions that leads to this page seems to be wrong... It leads to instead.

SoN beginner task

The labels required are: Barbecue, Country, CookingType, Fuel, Food, Dietary, CookingSurface. What do you mean by "Dietary"?

🤓 Summer of Nodes - FAQ

Collected FAQ for Summer of Nodes How do I get ready? A great question! Here are some helpful tips on how to hit the ground running: I am new to Neo4j Welcome! You’re going to have lots of fun! The challenges are a gentle, enjoyable way to introduce ...