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neo4J in Churn

Hi Guys, Posting a random idea/use case using Neo4J for customer churn under telcom domain. We all know that predicting a customer churn is important for any company and making necessary things to retain works in almost all industries. We specificall...

skandagn by Node Link
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Bash equivalents in Elvish Shell

The start of a cheatsheet because I like using Elvish Shell on a day to day basis, but port bash scripts infrequently enough that I forget how to do simple things. Not strictly related to Neo4j other than that I use Neo4j from the command line and I ...

abk by Neo4j
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Discourse vs Discord

Two very similar sounding names, easily mixed up in spoken conversation, Discourse and Discord are both great channels for communication. Why have both? When should you use which? When to Discourse: Use Discourse for long-form group discussions Di...

abk by Neo4j
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React vs. Angular

Hi everyone, I am looking into Angular and React right now for a modern frontend for my Neo4j project. What are the pros and cons for using the one or the other with Neo4j as a database? Are there any? I saw a lot of webinars / articles about Neo4j &...

OpenAI does not like Neo4j

Just got my beta access to the OpenAI API, and decide to feed it something about Neo4j. The bold letters are my input ('Neo4j is') and the rest of the paragraph is written by OpenAI.

Traversing lineage and deriving value using Cypher

Hi , I'm fairly new to Neo4j but already appreciate the potentials it may have posses. And I've made quite a bit of progress in a short month or so playing around with it after installing the Desktop version. The use case I'm trying to work with is l...

Clustering problem

Clustering Similar Students We have a problem where a school (entire district) has 10,000 students in 9th Grade. There are 5 different subjects that they study: Math Physics Biology Social English Spanish All students have taken tests for all 6 six s...

Neo4j on Discord

Random question: who here has an account on If you do, like this post with a . --> ABK

abk by Neo4j
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Documenting a data model

We have a complex application that uses Neo4J, and we would like to improve the documentation regarding our datamodel. While it is possible to extract the properties in use on each Label and relationship type, does anybody have any suggestions how be...

ocole by Node
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Getting Students to Think Graph(ical)

Hello community, This semester, I will be supporting my professor in data visualization. The purpose of the course is to give design students an insight into how data can be visualized via photo series, web applications, sculpture in the form of a pr...