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I have the kafka connect source running with the following properties

the query is:

MATCH (n:Note) WHERE n.createdAt > $lastCheck RETURN id(n) as id, AS nid, n.createdAt AS createdAt

This never publishes data to my topic. If I change the CYPHER to remove the $lastCheck, something like:

MATCH (n:Note) RETURN as nid, n.createdAt as createdAt

it works fine.

Does anyone have experience getting the kafka connect source query to work using $lastCheck? I can't poll my data otherwise making this whole thing totally useless.


Hello @jonathan ,

Maybe you can try by changing the ' NOW' to

LAST_COMMITTED . because the $lastCheck of LAST_COMMITTED <  $lastCheck of Now, that mean with 'NOW' you can't not found your  createdAt > NOW($lastCheck)  .

@jonathan Hi Jonathan, did you solve this issue? having the exact same problem, documentation is not very clear on how $lastCheck works, I also noticed that datetime is not converted to Timestamp type on the schema registry, it shows as a string. Thanks, Victor

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