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Head's Up! Site migration is underway. Phase 2: migrate recent content


Hi friends,

Some of you may receive an email from me regarding "account maintenance". For any questions or concerns, please respond in email, direct-message me, ping me on Discord (username 'abk of neo4j'), or respond to this post for general discussion relevant to everyone.

What's happening?

We are reducing the accepted identity providers for community login to just Google, GitHub and Neo4j username/password. Accounts which had used either Twitter or LinkedIn will need to be migrated.

Why is this necessary?

We have a long-term goal of unifying the Neo4j experience under Neo4j Aura. One place for learning, collaboration and discussions. This is a required step in that direction.

While I'm working hard to make the migration smooth and non-disruptive, some things may not go as planned. I ask for your patience and cooperation, and am committed to resolving any problems.

Questions, concerns? Let me know.

Andreas Kollegger

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