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Nigel Wheeler (cloudwheels), Dorset UK & the Hortigraph

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Hi. I'm Nigel. Dorset UK. I'm also user cloudwheels on githhub/lab etc.

I have this kinda mixed life as an ex-developer who became a gardener that never stopped being a developer (especially in winter) and finding the balance is tricky (sure there's a graph in that).

And as the neo guys suggest for creating a graph gist: pick a subject.

Horticulture is a subject so full of graphs that I love for that fact alone, as well as the flowrery bits. I'm slowly building content (currently just from my forthcoming exam revision notes) on a site at and when I'm able to make public at least the start of what I've been doing do so far with neo, it will be in the form of an open source project at - all about horticulture and its graphs. (It's also a subject heavily populated by 65+ year olds who (no offence) probably don't understand how good graph databases are yet.)

I've also got reasonably far in my tinkering with a resource planning type graph, aimed ultimately as a free / open source tool for gardeners / other small tradesmen, called WADH - "we also dig holes" - which aims to connect all the related bullshit (risk assessments, regulations, insurance, best practices, scheduling, ordering/billing/delivery) needed to actually get on with carrying out work tasks as simple as digging a hole these days! (gardening can kill you know! ;))

Looking forward to making progress with my learning and being able to open some of these projects up for contribution.

Have fun with Neo4j, I hope you get the help you need!


Welcome Nigel,

good luck with your exams and the Neo4j experiments leading to it.

I guess for a horticulture site I expected more pictures 🙂 My dad is a horticulturist/master gardener (or what you call it, in German it's Gärtnermeister) and he had lots of literature on the topic with lots of pictures too - which were what interested me as a kid).

Cheers, Michael

Thanks Michael. Yes, the site isn't really a site yet, just notes! Will be though, with lots of pictures I promise!


It's pretty different from what you are doing, but there's this amazinnggg scientist in Vancouver who uses graphs to understand the history of vegetation and climate. You would probably love his work if that is interesting to you. His name is Simon Goring - you can google him. I sent him your post too, so hopefully he decides to be late and join us here. haha.

Thanks Karin,

I'll take a look. Unfortunately all tech activity is on hold for me at the moment whilst I deal with gardens! Looking forward to get back into some Neo4j soon though....

Best Regards,


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