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Newbie from Sophia-Antipolis

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Hi Neo4j community,

I'm quite new to Neo4j, starting one month ago to dig around. When I was still some kind of a developer, I used to play with frameworks like Jade, ProActive or GraphStream and was willing to get more on the graph topics.

My interest is driven by use cases not linked with any professional target. I'm just getting tired of dealing with so much information every day and not being able anymore to cope with the load. It all started with the feeling that I get lots of junks on my laptop or hard drives anywhere and I'm not even sure what's in there anymore. The idea would be to get some tools and living process to give me insights on these past, present or future area of interests sitting at my reachable fingerprint.

Let's see where it will drive me where.

I've been very impressed by the capabilities of Neo4j and the ease of use to prototype anything around knowledge representation. With ProActive and GraphStream, there was a step torwards living objects, applying algorithms to active portion of knowledge.

For the time being, I'm going through the trainings at the Neo4j Graph Academy online when time permits. Dealing with cloud & container matters otherwise, hopefully things will converge one day :).

Have fun

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