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Newbie from DC

Node Clone

Nick Hall here in DC, about to move to Lisbon, Portugal. Working on an app in my downtime that is GRAND stack with react-native. Of course this is my first time doing mobile, first graphql, first neo4j....just basically all the firsts haha! Hoping that the community will be able to point me in the right direction and I can pay it forward later on. Graph databases are all the rage and I can see why. Definitely something I am going to invest a lot of time in over the upcoming months. Great to meet you all!!


Hi Nick,

Welcome in the community. Good luck with the move.
I really love that you're using GrandStack with ReactNative, would love to see a write up about this, and what worked well and what could be better.
Hope you're having some success with this. Feel free to ask questions in the appropriate channels.


Hi Nick,
Welcome to the group. I am the Meetup organizer in the DC area and am also working on several projects in the GRANDstack. I will be back in the area at the end of the week. How long will you be in DC? We should meet up. Also, we have a big meetup coming up Monday April 15 (
You should definitely come! I hope we can connect.

Thanks Michael! Just signed up to go to the meetup on Monday. I'm a relative newbie, just did a bootcamp a year and a half ago so some of it might be a little over my head. I'm around for another month and a half or so of funemployment, so I'm pretty open to meeting up whenever. Look forward to meeting the group on Monday.

Excellent! I look forward to meeting you and talking GRANDstack! See you Monday!


@Yes_I_m he's moving to Lisbon!

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