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Neo4j for language study

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My name is Boyd.

I'm doing some volunteer work in West Africa, and as a first shot at neo4j I put together a graph database containing a personal dictionary linked to expressions and proverbs in the Jula/Mandenkan language as spoken in Ivory Coast. Its just a start, but if anyone has seen or done something with other languages I'd love to find out more! And I might get some more ideas!

I also put together a short howto for getting neo4j and neodash working in a pod with a Fedora Coreos image on Google Cloud.



Community Team
Community Team

Hello @boydkelly and welcome to our community!
That sounds like a cool project, but to get it in front of more people and better exposure, I would recommend posting it under our Neo4j Graph Platform board.
The other option would be to try posting to our Discord as well!

Community Specialist