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Knowledge graphs for the low carbon economy


Hey everyone I’m Charles from the UK and I’m working on using Neo4J to build knowledge graphs for the low carbon economy.

I’ve been working with graphs on and off for more than 10 years now (from a non-technical side), and they’ve really changed the way I think about…almost everything! They’re the most incredible tool for exploring data and telling stories.

Most recently I’ve started a business called Osinto that’s building a knowledge graph for the low-carbon economy. We’re using Neo4J as the basis for what we‘re calling a ‘recommendation engine for sustainable business’.

It’s been a tough time to start a business (especially as we focused on sustainable aviation starting in Jan 2020 ) but we’re finally getting going and really enjoying sharing the power of graphs with people who’ve not come across them before.

Can happily talk for hours about what we’re doing, data visualisation etc. But above all, happy to be a part of this community and to (finally) be learning a bit of the technical side of graph DBs so I can get my hands a little dirty at last!

A pleasure to ‘meet’ you all,