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Kia ora, from the first place in the world to see the sun each day! Tairāwhiti, New Zealand

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Kia ora koutou (Hello to all you people)

I'm the Information and Data lead for a regional economic agency and funder that has co-developed a wellbeing framework along with our community of 50K people to determine what is the most important thing we can invest in to improve the overall wellbeing of our people.

Our framework has identified 6 key themes, economy, relationships, communities, knowledge, cultural identity and the environment. We have started to develop indicators to help inform us if we are making improvements over time, and use a "theory of change" methodology to understand the impact and outcomes our investments are achieving / not achieving.

As wellbeing is holistic, and different elements can affect wellbeing a technology such as Neo4J presents exciting opportunities to understand and identify potential things/relationships that contribute or take away from those key areas.



Hi @malcolm ,

Welcome to the Neo4j community! This looks like a fantastic project, a way to achieve a deep understanding of wellbeing. If you haven't yet discovered it, may be helpful for sketching what is sure to be a rich data model.

Will the framework be publicly available? I think many people here would be interested in learning about how you are modeling the community.

Please let us know if there's anything we can help with.


Cheers for that @abk, arrows look helpful in quickly putting together a model.

Yes, the framework will become publically available as we believe that in order to impact the well-being of our people everyone should be able to view, contribute and ask questions of the data.

We are now mapping our focus area of economic development (yellow), priorities (purple), activities (orange) and people/roles (blue)

The next step is to overlay the wellbeing indicators and financial investment over these to see what is delivering the best impact, ROI and identify new opportunities. I will keep the community posted as my technical neo4j skills are relatively limited at this point, and will be asking the community for assistance as we go on this journey,