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Intro from Marc in Montreal


My name is Marc-Andre Leger and I'm an IT professor with Concordia University in Montreal doing some research on cybersecurity competency management using ontologies and graph data. I'm working on a graph database project using Neo4j so I figured that it would make sense to signup for this user forum.



Hello @ITriskMgr ,

Welcome to the Neo4j community! Could you elaborate a bit on "cybersecurity competency management"? That sounds intriguing. Is there a small graph that could illustrate some of the relationships and patterns involved?


For my PhD I worked on the creation of an ontology to help better define what is competency in the field of cybersecurity. The idea is (or was) to help financial organizations better manage the cybersecurity work roles required to do a good job in talent management and competency management. The ontology was originally developed in Webprotégé and then brought to Stardog to do different types of queries and validation tests. At this time I can't post the graphs and links to the system as I'm in the final stages of jury approval of the dissertation, perhaps in a few weeks. But I'm looking to move this to Neo4j to develop a management information system, as Stardog is much too expensive to make it a viable solution even if it works really well to do what I'm trying to do.

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