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I'm Julie, a Risk Modeling Data Scientist in Nashville, using graphs to help predict fraud

Node Clone

I'm interested in the application of graph to several areas including:
* Bi-modal/multimodal graphs
* Wrangling large amounts of streaming data and figuring out how to use it
* Overall graph metrics and what they tell us about the full graph as well as each node
* Community detection to find outliers
* Visualizing graphs in a way that provides actionable information
* Clustering to determine shared characteristics that determine/differentiate groups
* Flow from one word to the next and what that can tell us about language
* Representing ecological systems as graphs

I currently work with large amounts of streaming data in a multimodal schema. There has been a huge learning curve on how to structure the data to allow for questions other than the initial use case to be answered.

The volume of data has also presented challenges to overcome around sampling data to figure out how to answer a question and optimize queries before applying them to the full dataset.

My current project is visualizing data for end users to be able to make decisions based on the visualization or point them in a direction to research which will allow them to make a decision.

I look forward to using these experiences to help others address their own questions and to overcome challenges.