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I'm Drew, a technologist in the Media & Entertainment sector

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My team here has been using neo4j for a while, and I thought it was [past] time for me to dive in and get familiar with Graphs, Cypher, and neo4j. These topics seemed a bit intimidating and complex initially -- but that all fell away after a few minutes and I very quickly was amazed at how simple and intuitive this is.

I'm excited to learn more and to use these tools to improve the software systems we build.



Hi Drew!
That's actually really great feedback. This week someone actually told me that it seemed like it was super complex - I think it's just very different from what we know.
Glad you fell and joined us in the graph epiphany. 🙂

Would love to hear about this process and you continue on your journey, and we are here to help if you need anything!

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