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¡Hola! I'm James (but I'm not Spanish)

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An intro is long overdue, and now I've dropped Restagraph so I'd probably best get onto it.

I'm a former sysadmin and network engineer who loves working in Common Lisp. I got into IT as a DBA many years ago, so it's entirely apt that I'm back to being DB focussed.

I've actually been chipping away at the ideas behind Syscat (also mentioned in that post) for a very long time. If Rik van Bruggen is still active here, he might remember me asking some annoying questions about how best to represent IP addresses, at meetups in Amsterdam.
That project's first iterations (plural) were based on relational databases, but I never could get them to scale. I still love SQL and gravitate naturally to third-normal form, but when there's no way around grinding the DBMS to a halt on a profusion of many-to-many tables and self-joins, you need to explore other options. RDF stores looked promising, but were too focused on data warehousing and not enough on OLTP applications, so eventually I settled on property graphs in general and Neo4j in particular.

I'm now based near Madrid, but am originally from NZ, hence the title. Culturally, I'm a mongrel 🙂
I speak a little Dutch and am learning Spanish, but I'm still really only fluent in English.

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