Hi everyone we're Bioto


Hi Everyone this is Hugo From Bioto, we are currently residing in Rotterdam (Netherlands)

Myself I have a background in Internet, business communication, marketing.

We are using Neo4J to build a "database of biodiversity" currently it contains a vast amount of plants, their taxonomic classifications and associations, Their nutrients and their companion plants, or in other words we have implemented relations between plants that benefit from each other.

Our target is to use the database (and build applications from it) that enables to design and help maintain what we call "smart green spaces". Bioto makes use of big data and artificial intelligence, making tools accessible to citizens to green their local environment. We help to green the rooftops, gardens, streets and neighborhoods. By doing so we support locally grown healthy foods, stronger communities and biodiverse climate adaptive environments. The Neo4j database is at the heart of our business. It is an essential part of the digital brain that helps generate custom designed biodiverse SMART green spaces.

Happy to be part of the community, and to get smarter with Graph data!

Best regards



Wow, that sounds amazing @Bioto_Hugo ! Any chance you'd blog about this, or present at one of our Neo4j events? I'm sure many people would be interested in learning from what you're creating if that is possible.

Also, hello and welcome to the Neo4j community!