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Hello, I am a businessmodel enthousiast from The Netherlands, would love to work with it in a Graph

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I work with businessmodels and innovation, leading to businessplans based upon value creation. I am exited to use graphs, but I have a lot to learn about graphs I think :).

I would love to work together on this project. Just contact me.

Kind regards,




Do you and @elarios.vargas know each other or is it coincidental that you signed up within days of each other?

Hi Klaas and Karin,

It is a coincidence. We don't know each other. It's nice to see more people from the Netherlands using Neo4j. I'm learning as well about graphs and cypher so welcome to the community!

Hi Elarios,

A coincidence indeed. I 'm new to neo4j, but I am exited about what I've seen until now.

Do you happen to know any developers who can build an application in neo4j for me?

kind regards


HI Klaas,

Unfortunately I don't know any developer but probably if you request that in the community forum, I'm sure there would be a lot of people interested.

Best regards,


Hello Karin,

nice of you to spot a possible link between me and elarios.vargas and thank you for that. But Elarios already mentioned it was a coincidence. I am new to neo4j. Until now I looked in to some database solutions, but was never confident that there was a solution for me. Now that i have found neo4j, I 'm quite enthousiastic about what I found out until now.
So I m glad.

Kind regards


Node Clone

Welcome Klass,
You love modeling? Neo4j is a joy for modeling. Traditional statistical models dwell too much in the land of aggregating data. Neo4j sees its nodes as true individuals, not just a bucket of similar items. Every node has the opportunity to express its role. As a long-time business systems analyst I found this to be what changed everything for me. The closest I've seen to this outside of Neo4j is in the field of System Dynamics. Have fun!

Thank you Neo4joe!

nice of you to write me a welcome. I m new to neo4j, but already exited with the possibilities. Do you happen to know if there is some sort of modelling instruction that one can use to bridge between between a usecase and a developer?

Kind regards


Of course you can look at the examples that come with Neo4j Desktop when you enter


in the browser to start learning Neo4j.

There is a book I just read it this past week. It is published by Packt Publishing. The title is: Neo4j Graph Data Modeling, authored by Mahesh Lai.

It was printed in 2015. Neo4j has improved since then, with a few more features, but the book is relevant and a great starting point.

tx for the tip! I will look into it.

kind regards


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