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Hello from Steve in Ohio


Hello everyone!

I'm Steve, and I'm very excited about joining the Neo4j community. I first fell in love with graphs in a graph theory class in college, and wrote my masters thesis on a graph related topic. I currently manage a data science center of excellence, and discovered Neo4j earlier this year when we came up with an idea to develop a recommendation engine for content on one of our corporate BI platforms. Since then I've been working on getting others interested in the platform, and just got my Neo4j certification as well.


Hi Steve,

that sounds awesome, a proper graphista.
Welcome to the neo4j community and this forum. Hope you'll be able to learn and also help others!

Do you by chance have a link to your thesis available?

Good luck with that reco engine some companies like Airbnb have done similar approaches with Neo4j to track data provenance and lineage.

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