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Hello from Michigan, USA


I have been working with Neo4j for the past two months to analyze customer product engagement. I am trying to find insights I would not find through traditional means like using SQL or having to know what questions to ask beforehand.

I have a graph and now am starting to work with the Neo4j DS Library. If anyone else is looking at customer/product engagement, please collaborate with me.




Graph Buddy

Hi ajferrara3

Please let me know what kind of help do you need?

Thanking you
Sameer Sudhir G

Hi Sameer,

I am looking to talk about finding insights across customer usage of multiple products and determining if amount of usage or adoption of usage had any effect on the customer retaining a service. I know I can do this with machine learning, but not sure how to approach from a graph perspective. Thanks - A.J. Ferrara

Hi ajferrara3

Please load GDS library plugin in your Neo4j installation folder.

Thanking you
Sameer G

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