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Hello everyone - Fábio from Florianópolis, Brazil

Hello people! Glad to be part of this community!
I'm a software developer working with a lot of thing including neo4j ^^
Currently working with batch loads from spark to neo4j and trying to learn the best performances for the graph.
I'm here to learn from the bests and help with what i can.
See ya!



Hello @FabioVCoelho !

Happy to have you join the community. I guess you're using the Neo4j Connector for Apache Spark, right? Batch loading is tricky, it's both easy and challenging. Let us know how it goes for you.


Unfortunately no, we are using the drive connection, when we started i guess that the connector wasn't ready yet, i don't recall exactly why we didn't use the connector. But the driver connection is working just fine too ^^
Yeah, we tried some many tunings and differents approachs, and it's was working just fine, but now we are having some troubles that seams the driver is not writing to neo4j or is stalled in a specific query, we are investigating the real problem. Maybe the solution could be change to the this connector that you mentioned.
Anyway, thank you for the comment and the help 😃

Fábio Volkmann Coelho

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