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Helllo, I am Djole from Bosnia

Node Clone

I'm a CTO of the startup called NowMatters.
Recently I started exploring Neo4j for the future of my company.
I started using Neo4J 2 weeks ago and it blew me off.
Also I able to write in 1 query what I wasn't able to do with SQL in 2 years and it is ridiculous.
Not to mention achieving better performance because less calls to the database.

Right now I am struggling with 1 query so if anyone can help me please do.
Here is the URL of my biggest problem so far


Hello, Djole
Have you tried any aggregation approach?
At first sight I would propose to explore something like

MATCH (post: Post)<-[postRule:POST_RULE]-(rule: Rule) <-[catRule: RULE_CATEGORY]-(category:Category)
WITH post, category, count(*) AS count
WHERE count > 1
RETURN post, category

Oh I solved the issue on another thread, have to remove this one

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