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Graphical Database - How to create a better Product Using Neo4J

Hi all,

I am Daryl Chiang and was recently expose to Graphical Database - Neo4J by Richard Brandon from Neo4J. I live in Singapore, and worked many years overseas in China, Hong Kong, Taiwan and other SE Asia region for the last 20years.

I started my career in Product Lifecycle Management 15years ago in Product Sales and Global Account Management role leading an international team specific in High-Tech discreet manufacturing industry. In recent years, we invested heavily to develop software products that leverage such as AI, ML and Graphical Database to enable manufacturing customer better transform their product R&D and Digitize their factory into a systems of intelligence, to relieve the burden of their existing legacy system.

In my personal opinion manufacturing traditionally move slower in newer technology adoption, with Graphical DB like Neo4J technology such as AI, ML, Big Data analytics, we can do more to support these companies digital transformation strategy.

I hope to get to know people in the community here and also sharing of ideas and experience in the road to digital transformation for Manufacturing industry. I am also open to discuss collaboration or partnering to jointly helped members whom had great ideas that can helped my customers.

Again, thanks for reading my intro and look forward to know you.

Daryl Chiang



Hi Daryl!
Well written intro! Thank you for sharing!
@egmond.boon is also in your area!
You two should connect!