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Dan from NJ

Hey all!

New to Neo4J but recently came across it as a good way to investigate communities forming around the US Democratic Primary Candidates. Interested in Natural Language Processing (NLP), machine learning and how to use data to advance reform in Education and to adapt to Climate Change.

Currently tackling problems around cloud storage and dealing with big data using AWS, any resources on the subject are much appreciated!



Hi Dan!
How'd you find Neo4j?

If you have specific questions (including optimization and such) please post in the forum -
Here's the cloud category:

Hi Karin!

I'm in an immersive data science program and my partner on our last project suggested we use it (he's obsessed with graphs). We investigated communities forming around the US Democratic primary candidates based on a week's worth of tweets and it turned out to be a great fit! Now I'm obsessed with graphs too lol.

Thanks for the link! I'll definitely check it out.

We're all here because we are obsessed with graphs....
If you want to write a blog post about what you guys worked on, we could put it up on Neo4j Medium!!