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Craig McInroy - Software Engineer from Eastern Canada

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Greetings, folks!

Really interested in exploring applications for Neo4j.

I've been looking for discussions of the recent thinking on polyglot persistence. We've been doing a lot of GraphQL work in the past year and there are aspects of our solution that would benefit greatly from the use of Neo4j.



You might have already tapped into this, but if you have not -
How is the project coming along?

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Hi, @neo4j_devrel!

Had to shelve things for a bit, but we've had a recent infusion of resources, so will be revisiting it again.
Thanks for the suggestion on GRANDstack! I have seen that.

I am particularly interested in resources that would help with our goal of using GraphQL to span multiple data sources that include Neo4j. We're currently using Postgres and MongoDB and are working on an API gateway that spans the two, but I would love to have Neo4j in the mix!

That's pretty interesting! I'd love to know more about it when you have more of it created.

Hey Craig -

our neo4j-graphql.js GraphQL integration is flexible enough to handle multiple datasources - basically you can just implement resolvers as you normally would for fetching data from Postgres/MongoDB, etc and neo4j-graphql.js will only auto-generate the missing resolvers for fetching data from Neo4j.

Schema stitching the GraphQL API generated from neo4j-graphql.js would be another option - we have some users taking that approach as well.

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Thanks, William!
That's really interesting... i was aware of neo4j-graphql.js, of course, but hadn't looked into the auto-generate functionality. I had been planning to go the schema stitching route, since I've used that in the past. Great to know there is another option. Thank you!

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