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Daniel Miranda 🇭🇳

Hello! I'm Daniel Miranda and a Software Engineer living in Honduras , Central America. I'm working on a app using GRANDStack and really excited about Neo4j. It's the most beautiful DB that I have worked with . I'd like to know more about Neo4j, impr...

Wolfgang Schützelhofer, JCypher

Hi everybody, Based in Austria, I am author of JCypher. JCypher provides Java access to Neo4j databases at different levels of abstraction. Please have a look at the Project Homepage. For more info about myself, please look at my Homepage Happy to jo...

Anton Begehr

Hey graph-enthusiasts! My name is Anton. I'm a Computer Science student at FU Berlin and Uni Passau. I'm using Neo4j at to analyse data concerning Startups, Investors, People and their relationships. Cool to have a forum now

abegehr by Node Link
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Jesse Hemingway

Howdy y'all. I'm a Neo4j apprentice, serving as would-be journeyman to other apprentices. Mostly I have questions, but I'm happy to help for desperate answers around things I've done before.

Jiropole by Graph Voyager
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Hi I'm Ali from Algeria I'm a freelance software developer, I create software solution for local small businesses, I used to use Relational Databases in my applications but I think that Graph databases are most suited for the type of apps that I deve...

Graphs and NLP

Hey I'm Rich and I've done a semester Big Data project about visualizing relationships of authors of scientific papers. I am planning to try Neo4j for my next NLP projects.

Biotechnology researcher

I am a young researcher working on analysis based on graphs and focused on genomics big data. The project is called BioNetDB and takes part into a macro-project called OpenCB, which is being developed at Cambridge University.

Dan O'Donovan - Rare Disease Graphs

Hello All, I'm a graph db and Neo4j enthusiast currently using graphs to help find cures for rare diseases at My main interest is in algorithms, and I really appreciate the alternative perspective and opportunities graph technology provides....

Dave Fauth - Field Engineer - Neo4j - DC Area

I've just passed four years working at Neo4j. I'm based in the Washington, DC area and cover both Federal and Commercial accounts on the East Coast. I've worked with Neo4j prior to joining Neo. A little known fact is that I spoke at the 2012 GraphCon...