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Jeremy - Software Startup

Hi Everyone, We run a software startup in New Zealand focusing on software relevant to the indigenous people of New Zealand - Māori. One of these pieces of software includes genealogy functionality, which is where we use neo4j.

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Alex Babeanu - Identity Solutions Architect

Hi there, So a brief intro then, I am: a Solution Architect for Identity and Access Management (IAM)a Consultant with Nulli, based in Vancouver, BC, Canada - but with clients in the US too Wait! IAM?! that's not Graph! --> Well actually, we've disc...

alex by Node
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Stefan Armbruster - Field Engineer @ neo4j

Hi, I'm Stefan working in the field engineering team EMEA for Neo4j for almost 7 years now. Prior to that I worked as freelancer with Neo4j - so my total experience is > 10 years. When I've used Neo4j for the first time its version number was 0.9.. T...

Brian - Security Engineer

Hey everyone! I'm a security engineer looking for ways that I can integrate some of our security products and dashboards into a single database or dashboard. I'm hoping that I can create a graph database of all of our endpoints and products.

Peter Kimmel - Consultant at NTT Data

I get to explore new technology, develop solutions for our customers, and continually learn new things. I discovered neo4j when searching for a database that could store real world ideas and relationships. I am interested in combining neo4j databas...

Greg Ricker Technologist - Insurance

Hi, Greg Ricker. I am a Technologist/ Architect for a large insurance company based in New England. My interest in Neo4j has been mainly spatial-temporal, events by location and time. Its been primarily my own research. More recently I have been look...

Howdy! Martin Lo

Hi there, My name is Martin Lo and I work as a software engineer/data scientist at We use Neo4j to link the users/merchants on our e-commerce platform to fight with frauds. We leverage heavily on the graph-algorithm package to find the comm...

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Uche Chilaka - Senior Frontend Dev

Hi Team! Just got the email from Michael about the switch to Discourse for technical content. Glad to stay in touch with the team. About myself... I've left a trail of open source dev tools in my wake as I've tinkered, DIYed and prototyped my way to ...

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The Epitome of Newb

Hey, all - Brand new to the whole graph-db scene; it seems like a good way to make sense out of the massive amount of data we've accumulated in a MongoDB over the past months. Playing with the Neo4J Doc Manager now -- hopefully I'll learn a few thin...

Will Hickson - Chief Data Officer - dmi

Hi All - I'm co-founder of and a data geek who loves playing with technology. We use neo4j to drive our ontology at dmi, and we've also worked on neo4j consulting projects. In addition to neo4j, I play with Python building data mash-ups, NLP t...