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Tomaz Bratanic -> Graph enthusiast

My name is Tomaz Bratanič and I am located in Slovenia. By day I freelance and help customers with analytical pipelines and performance marketing issues and by night I help with documenting neo4j graph algorithms. I also have my own blog at: https://...

Anaelle Clary - dealing with molecules

Hello! I'm Anaelle, working for Servier pharmaceutical company in Cheminformatics in Paris. I use Neo4j especially to navigate into molecular scaffolds and substructures to deal with similarity / diversity, pairs analysis, biological profiling,... My...

Ne Neo4j User here

Hello! I'm a new Neo4j user from Italy. I'm working on a project regarding the managing of XML file so I also use APOC. Cheers.

Intro - Roger Worden

I've been in IT for a long time but I'm new to Neo4J in the last couple of months. I'm experimenting with it for home use on a project where I'm calling it from the Go language. I'm experimenting with it at work on a couple of projects: Represent con...

William Sam, new Neo4J user from Accra, Ghana

Just attended GraphConnect in New York. I'm interested starting a community of Graph database practitioners in West Africa and using Graph Databases to address some of our most pressing problems around poverty alleviation and Social Protection.

Martin Folke Emdal - Java developer Sportradar

Hi! I am a Java developer that works with ingesting sportsdata into Neo4j for Sportradar. Mostly working with Java/ogm/cypher. Neo4j is really exiting and fun for me (as well as hard), so I hope to learn alot from this great community!

Martin by Node Link
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Andy Stanton - Developer, new to neo4j

Hi all, We're a small development company in the UK and have inherited a neo4j project (due to long-term illness of the incumbent developer). So we're just trying to help out really. Unfortunately, we don't have any chance of communication with the o...

Anuja - Neo4j Rookie!

Howdy! I am a data analyst who dreams about an utopic-world where every bit of data is connected to every other bit of data and I am sliding on these silky fabrics of connectors. A fairy godmother told me Neo4j can do this for me so now I am trying t...

Sinuhé David, CViCom UNAM CdMx

Hi! My name is Sinuhé David @elsinux. Im a WebDev and Linux Sysmin at Centro Virtual de Computación CViCom at Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México UNAM. I been working for a while with debian/ubuntu servers as a LAMP Gurú (open sourcerer) who stil...

Developer from london new to neo4j

I am happy to be here to find out more about neo4j. I am building a dental advice/symptom checking chatbot and have recently switched my database from mysql to neo4j. I am loving using it and definitely feel I have made the right choice. Be great to ...