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Anaelle Clary - dealing with molecules

Hello! I'm Anaelle, working for Servier pharmaceutical company in Cheminformatics in Paris. I use Neo4j especially to navigate into molecular scaffolds and substructures to deal with similarity / diversity, pairs analysis, biological profiling,... My...

Ne Neo4j User here

Hello! I'm a new Neo4j user from Italy. I'm working on a project regarding the managing of XML file so I also use APOC. Cheers.

Intro - Roger Worden

I've been in IT for a long time but I'm new to Neo4J in the last couple of months. I'm experimenting with it for home use on a project where I'm calling it from the Go language. I'm experimenting with it at work on a couple of projects: Represent con...

William Sam, new Neo4J user from Accra, Ghana

Just attended GraphConnect in New York. I'm interested starting a community of Graph database practitioners in West Africa and using Graph Databases to address some of our most pressing problems around poverty alleviation and Social Protection.

Martin Folke Emdal - Java developer Sportradar

Hi! I am a Java developer that works with ingesting sportsdata into Neo4j for Sportradar. Mostly working with Java/ogm/cypher. Neo4j is really exiting and fun for me (as well as hard), so I hope to learn alot from this great community!

Martin by Node Link
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Andy Stanton - Developer, new to neo4j

Hi all, We're a small development company in the UK and have inherited a neo4j project (due to long-term illness of the incumbent developer). So we're just trying to help out really. Unfortunately, we don't have any chance of communication with the o...

Anuja - Neo4j Rookie!

Howdy! I am a data analyst who dreams about an utopic-world where every bit of data is connected to every other bit of data and I am sliding on these silky fabrics of connectors. A fairy godmother told me Neo4j can do this for me so now I am trying t...

Sinuhé David, CViCom UNAM CdMx

Hi! My name is Sinuhé David @elsinux. Im a WebDev and Linux Sysmin at Centro Virtual de Computación CViCom at Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México UNAM. I been working for a while with debian/ubuntu servers as a LAMP Gurú (open sourcerer) who stil...

Developer from london new to neo4j

I am happy to be here to find out more about neo4j. I am building a dental advice/symptom checking chatbot and have recently switched my database from mysql to neo4j. I am loving using it and definitely feel I have made the right choice. Be great to ...

Thomas Radman - IT Generalist

Hi, I´m happy to be here. I´m an IT-Professional and technology-nerd by heart, living in Vienna/Austria. Being 30+ years in IT, from sales, web development through service management and operations I have seen and struggled a lot, especially with ha...

Develeoper and New to Neo4j

Hello All, Completely new to Neo4j and trying to find documents that can enable learn the details and start using in private projects as soon as possible. Would love to see the possibility of using neo4j in self contained applications as well as in n...

ebele by Node
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