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Jacob From VA

Starting working with graphs in 2015 using a framework written in Ruby to interact, been working directly with Cypher and Neo4j since 2018.

How things come around

A long time ago, I was keen on a CODASYL database called IDMS. It had records related by pointers. Along came IBM, who didn't have a Database, but did have indexed sequential files. Data in one could be related to another using the index instead of a...

Brent Phillips - Organizer Humanitarian AI meetup group

Brent from the Humanitarian AI meetup group in Cambridge joining the Neo4j community group. Looking forward to checking out what folks are doing and etc. We're interested in exploring storing humanitarian aid activity data in Neo4j databases and deve...

brent by Node
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Hi From São Paulo

Hello everyone! I am very happy to be part of this very special community! It's great to see such a diverse and distributed group of people interested in graphs. I've been in love with graphs since 2015, when I learned Neo4j. I am Microsoft MVP in th...

New Graph Database User from SF

I am new to graph DB and can't believe I didn't find out earlier I love it so much! I was a data analyst but have since then got pretty technical with machine learning and data science. I am so excited to use graph db to figure out hidden relationshi...

hi1 by Node
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Sebastien Decoux, Solution Architect

Hi there! I'm a Solution Architect for a major car industry company based in France. I discovered Graph Databases recently doing a research on the best database engine solution to fulfill tracability needs for one of our pojects. Hope to find a great...

s_decoux by Node Link
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Ward Cunningham - Well Known for Agile and Wiki

I work on Federated Wiki where my community has asked for more graph support. I've provided both graphs of wiki and graphs in wiki. I've found tha...

Pat Patterson - data integrator at StreamSets

Hi! I'm Pat Patterson, technical director at StreamSets, where I work with our customers and open source community. One of our customers asked whether it was possible to use StreamSets Data Collector to write to Neo4j; I figured it out, wrote it up, ...

Sinister Penguin - Modernising 20 million CMDB CI's

Hi - I work for an IT Managed Hosting company, I'd like to use neo4j to modernise & fully leverage our 20 million CI CMDB. Its central to our organisation & I'm sure i can use neo4j to enrich the data & add value. So I'm particularly interested in im...

mike_k by Node
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Will Parton - Chief Technical Architect - trust-hub

Hi. Great to see such a diverse and distributed group of people interested in and using Neo4j. We have Neo4j at the heart of a some of the trust-hub services and have been using it for the almost 3 years. We are undertaking a number of areas of graph...

Pratik Khanolkar, Software Engineer at Atos

Hi All, While searching for a database to store information about relationships between similar data our team came across Neo4j Database. Right now we are trying to integrate this database with out system. My work is to keep maintain the sync between...

pratikid by Node Link
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