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Coming in from Utrecht, The Netherlands

Hi All, I had a graph theory course in university and I hated it. Not the graphs per se, but the calculations you had to perform on them. And now I'm back at graphs because I want to build a proof of concept for the application of GDPR (EU data priva...

richardk by Node Link
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Dan from NJ

Hey all! New to Neo4J but recently came across it as a good way to investigate communities forming around the US Democratic Primary Candidates. Interested in Natural Language Processing (NLP), machine learning and how to use data to advance reform in...

Chukka From India

Hello all , I'm into software development industry for 4 years , I worked on MongoDB a lot. I'm excited to learn all about Neo4j and get Certified. Thanks,

fme_mrc by Node Clone
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I'm a software architect working in the bigdata machine and deep learning space looking to start a new initiative around neo4j and apache heron (, I am looking to develop a new apache heron spout that will wo...

Self-introduction - Oleksii Vasyliev

Hi, I'm an information system developer and looking for new instruments for my project. It might be neo4j due to graph models in it. My second specialization is intellectual property. Regards, Oleksii Vasyliev (Ukraine)

Greetings from Atlanta

I am a project manager for an NGO and we are testing out Neo4JS with one of our datasets. I look forward to learning more about the platform and how to leverage it for our work. If you are in Atlanta, let me know, I'd enjoy making some local connecti...

Christopher from India

Hi All, This is Christopher from India. This is the first time I'm using neo4j application also community. Could you please any one give me the neo4j activity. Thanks.

Newbie from Charlotte NC

This is my second attempt to learn about graph databases and Neo4j. When I first learned of Neo4j five years go, it reminded me of: I was intrigued by the ability to define nodes & relationships and it reminded me of the metad...

mshjell by Node Link
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Greetings from sunny California

Hello, I have an existing project that involves Twitter content and Elasticsearch. Last week I started playing with Neo4j/py2neo, and now I've got some proper graph data, instead of massaging output into CSV and then bringing it into Gephi. I could u...

nealr by Node
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Preston Intro

Hello Graphers! I'm Preston Hendrickson and I've been using Neo4j since version 1.9 (you read that right). Currently, just finished a mission critical project that migrated a mainframe into Neo4j. I'm an avid grapher and you can find me at the Wash...

Hi from Singapore; K-12 International School

Hello Neo4j Community, My name is Egmond Boon, and I am the Head of Innovative Learning at the Canadian International School in Singapore. I am investigating various Data Dashboards that offers in-depth analysis of students' progress and growth, and ...

Hi - Network building

I led the team at a major automotive services company to revolutionise their customer experience. As part of that programme of work we had demos from Pitney Bowes and their Spectrum solution. At the heart of this great product was an amazing engine...

Greetings from Hågen Hasle

I'm a Java programmer from Norway. I'm quite new to graphs and Neo4j, but want to use Neo4j and Spring Data to import and analyze a large graphml-file I have been given at work. I'd like to learn more about Neo4j and which possibilities it gives me t...