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Hello From Brazil

Hello! I'm from Brazil! I'm a PhD Student! My area of ​​interest is modeling of graph database. Sorry, my english is poor.

About time I'm here!

Hi everyone! I'm Bea, from Spain. It's about time I log in the community platform! I've been working with Neo4j for two years now, and testing new packages, and giving graph talks here and there so I'm so happy we get to share this space. Some news, ...

Greetings from SF

Hello. I am from SF. I just got the app and ready to use it. It looks like a very intelligent tool. I would like to see how far I can build a graph to tell a story.

Greeting everyone!

Hi everyone! Excited to learn neo4j! I'm a developer in New York City. Neo4j and graphdb in general have been my recent focus. Currently I'm looking into the integration of GraphQL and neo4j. Glad to join the community! Best, You Wu

Hi from studio Mod in Sydney

Hi all I'm Michela Ledwidge, co-founder of Sydney studio Mod that specialises in realtime and virtual production. We've begun using graph databases in our productions and Neo4j is promising on a number of fronts. With a technical architect background...

michela by Node Clone
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Hello from Andrea, neo4j beginner

I'm here to learn and to provide as much help as possible despite my ignorance about neo4j. I'm really looking forward to be an active part of this community so, be warned, i'm going to posto a lot of questions! Andrea

Adrian From London

I am an experienced developer who started coding in 1976, and first found relational databases in 1978 (in their very early form). I have used network and hierarchical databases. I have used loads of computer languages, but mostly restrict myself to ...

Willy from Germany

I am an experienced developer for database (RDBMS and NoSql) I have work in commodity trading, telecoms, media and the commercial aspects of power generation. Mainly I work in Germany.. I am very enthused by the graphed DB paradigm, hence why I am he...

Hello from Austin, TX

I'm VERY new to Graph DB's. I started working on a dating website at the beginning of this year and started off in a NoSQL database. I very quickly learned that the querying limitations were a problem. I started doing research and started noticing pe...

Newbie from DC

Nick Hall here in DC, about to move to Lisbon, Portugal. Working on an app in my downtime that is GRAND stack with react-native. Of course this is my first time doing mobile, first graphql, first neo4j....just basically all the firsts haha! Hoping th...

Kolawole From Nigeria

Dear people! i am so excited about this technology! You can call me Kolawole, meaning, a child that brought wealth into the Family! i am a data scientist and also charged with data management responsibilities. i work with Standard Bank Nigeria (i.e ...

My Introduction

Hi, I am Atul Borkar, an avid Technology and Data Professional. I leave in Portland, OR, and am currently working in Intel Corporation. I am trying to explore and learn Neo4j where I can make use of it in a use case or pursue my next gig with it.

Coming in from Utrecht, The Netherlands

Hi All, I had a graph theory course in university and I hated it. Not the graphs per se, but the calculations you had to perform on them. And now I'm back at graphs because I want to build a proof of concept for the application of GDPR (EU data priva...

richardk by Node Link
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