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Hello from Duane Nickull in Canada~

Hello all: I have joined this forum and look forward to getting to know many of you and helping. I have worked with Neo4J as a trainer several times before and am willing to be an asset to help out if required. In the past I also ran the Vancouver, ...

Kassim Abdullah Malaysia - neo4j and Django focus

Hi Everyone, Im Kassim, hailing out of Malaysia. I have just began exploring my options after being recently retrenched. As a new startup i have decided to approach data as graph rather than a RDBMS and preaching that as a differentiator. I am just s...

vignes_k by Node Link
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Introduction Mishu

Hi, Myself Mishu MCA from VIT University Chennai Campus currently working in 3 years old startup Novasys Labs. in Noida Uttar Pradesh India. My major role in the company is Database designer, the database administrator. I am working on a news-based a...

Samuel - Based Shanghai Big data engineer

I'm a Big data engineer based on Shanghai Graph databases provide an interesting way to think about data and their relations and encourage innovative modeling and queries. I'm happy to join the neo4j community! Thanks Samuel

Hello from Ed Stover

I'm joining this forum to contribute some of my experience using Neo4j over the past 3+ years and enhance my capabilities by drawing on the collective knowledge and experience of everyone here. I hope to be able to answer some questions and help whe...

Wim Verbruggen

My name is Wim verbruggen, I'm a Solution Architect within a governmental body. I've a little experience with RDF and OWL (SHACL). At this moment I'm busy creating an Archimate-model for a specific domain within our company. Although Archimate has a ...

Greetings from New York, Seeking graph guidance!

Student developer from NY excited to get started on a research project that would be well-suited for this. Hoping to learn and gain more insights from the community here, especially regarding a few nuanced things related to importing csv datasets -...

Greetings from a CS Student in Greece

Hello everyone, My name is Alexis (or Alex) and I'm a Computer Science & Engineering student from Greece. I started using Neo4j as part of my thesis and I really loving the power of graph databases and cypher query language. Looking forward to learni...

Dragotic by Node Link
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Hello from Greater Toronto Area (Canada)

Hi! Fernando here. I'm an industry analyst covering cybersecurity and I am interested in graphs for better representing the ecosystem I cover. Very small scale compared to some of the use cases I see here, but I am attracted by the modelling capabili...

Greetings from California

Principal Engineer here in California working for IBM, looking to evaluate Neo4j for some of our products and whether if it can satisfy our requirements or not. Looking forward to collaborating with everyone! Peter

Rory from Jamaica

Hi everyone, I'm Rory and I hail from Jamaica. I currently work as a DevOps / Data Engineer for an international managed services IT company. I've been interested in graphs for the last 3-4 years but actively researching and getting my hands wet with...