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Daniel Fitzgerald - IT Manager Ottawa Canada

Hi my name is Dan Fitzgerald and I work as a DBA in Ottawa ON Canada. Our primary corporate data systems are SQL Server based; however I use Neo4j to illustrate relationships in corporate data which are difficult if not impossible to do using SQL. Wi...

Paul Medlin - Australia - Enterprise Architect

Hi Just started with neo4j. Interested in creating a graph database to link my ancestors to newspaper articles they appear in from Australian National Library digitised newspapers Trove Trove Find and get Australian and ...

Craig McInroy - Software Engineer from Eastern Canada

Greetings, folks! Really interested in exploring applications for Neo4j. I've been looking for discussions of the recent thinking on polyglot persistence. We've been doing a lot of GraphQL work in the past year and there are aspects of our solution...

cmcinroy by Node Link
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Hello I am Leonardo from Mexico

Hello my name is Leonardo Bouchan, i am a software developer from Mexico, i'm interested on finance use cases on Neo4j and knowledge bases, my favorites programming languages are : Javascript and Python. I'm a certified Neo4j developer. I love Neo4j

Hello, this is Blai from Barcelona

Hello, I am here to learn about Neo4j. Currently, I work as an Oracle DBA at an online travel agency. Not sure I can share the name so let's leave it like this Coming across with Neo4j at work, I started reading about it and took interest in it as i...

Igor from Brazil

Hello Neo4j World! My name is Igor Rozani, I'm a software engineer from Ribeirão Preto, Brazil. I'm new on graph databases but I've been studying Neo4j for a while, I hope i can learn and share more with the community.

Rob Schoening - CTO

Hello everyone. Ryan Boyd suggested that I introduce myself here. I've used Neo4j extensively for the past five years in the context of managing large-scale enterprise infrastructure at a financial services company. Neo4j has been one of the most d...

About Bhojendra

I am Bhojendra Rauniyar. I have 10+ years of experience in UX/UI and Frontend Development. Recently, I am trying to learn Backend Development. After a lot of research, I have chosen Python language for a good reason to become a data scientist in comi...

ri8ika by Graph Voyager
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Florin, from Toronto (Canada)

Greetings, from the world of Elixir! I am one of the fellas helping Elixir integrating into the beautiful world of graphs, that of Neo4j and Cypher, more specifically. If you're using Elixir, then most probably you've heard about us, or maybe you're ...

florin by Node
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I'm a newbie and these are my goals!

Hi Everyone, I'm a Software Engineer from an Industrial Systems Integrator in Australia Long time lurker of Neo4j and there is a particular use case for neo4j that I would really like to give a go. I would like to Use Neo4j as Design/Modelling tool f...

kylelt by Node
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Nigel Wheeler (cloudwheels), Dorset UK & the Hortigraph

Hi. I'm Nigel. Dorset UK. I'm also user cloudwheels on githhub/lab etc. I have this kinda mixed life as an ex-developer who became a gardener that never stopped being a developer (especially in winter) and finding the balance is tricky (sure there's ...

nigel by Node Link
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