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Hello From Bhanu

Hello - I am new to Neo4j. Looking for like minded folks to work (learn) together in Fremont CA USA area. Anyone interested please email me

Douglas - Data architect - UK

I am a freelance business/data architect in the UK. My aim: to have a deeper understanding of graph data models and database capabilities such that I can recommend their deployment and design with confidence in order that I can break out from the rel...

Carina from Planethon AB, Sweden

Hej/Hi from Stockholm! I am the CTO of Planethon. We are part of the neo4j startup program. We are building a knowledge graph that combine data from earth science, new technologies, business assessments and planet champions. The idea is to combine t...

carina by Node
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MallikB Introduction

Hi Team I am new to this community. I am an IT Program Manager and I have 20+ years of experience in IT software development and support. Primary skills are in Oracle ERP and PL/SQL. I as well know SQL very well. I am based out in Bangalore currently...

Thibault, indie hacker from Paris

Hey there! I'm new to Neo4j and I try to use it in a cake recipes side project. It was sounding good to use a graph for depicting directions, ustensils, ingredients, subrecipes...

Ismail Zafar

I am new to neo4j database. I am working with php, nodejs and mysql database since 2015. Now I am interested in learning graph databases. Currently I am doing job in as senior back-end developer.

Rahman KAPUCU- Turkish Backend Developer

Hi, I'm a Backend Developer from Turkey.I started Neo4J a few weeks ago and I am very enjoyed to learn neo4j and graph db. I'm planning to use it in the project of the company when ı learned fully. I am happy to be here. Best, Rahman KAPUCU

Corey - Hastings, Nebraska,USA

After 20 years of MS-SQL, my company decided to switch to Neo4j last year. Took some classes in Denver and passed the Neo4j certification a few weeks later. I spent the last year learning cypher, javascript, docker containers and angular at the same ...

Olga from NYC - healthcare domain, Neo4J newbie

Hi i'm Olga from NYC. Im very much new to the graph db world but very excited nonetheless. Neo4J makes it seem like a breeze to pick up and learn so i'm looking forward to coming up with some really solid use cases. I work within the healthcare space...

ShenJiawei from China

Hi All: I am a big data engineer in China.Our team is researching about anti-fraud knowledge graph.We think Neo4j is a good way to build knowledge graph.Thank you.