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Roger Shepherd, wandering by

Old Guy, constrained optimization models and technology (of course other stuff mixed in) since 1967. Made one pass at Neo4j about 2012, but work got in the way. Better now since retirement. Bring me your shadow prices, yearning to breathe free. My re...

Hello everybody from Reus!

Hi, my name is Anton, I'm from Reus, a little city from Catalonia (east Spain). I'm working as a teacher in highschool. One of my colleagues talked to me about this project. I'd like to learn a bit a bout it to teach to my students! Regards!

Miquel, from Catalonia

Hi Team, Bon dia! I'm Miquel, professor at the University of Barcelona. My specializing areas are knowledge organization, metadata and web of data. I'm working on linking property graphs models, like Neo4j, to the semantic web of data. I think it pro...

Surajit from India

Hello all, Heard about Neo4J from colleague. Current using it for network analysis. Here to know more about Neo4J, with that to help others and hoping to get help back from other as well.

Hello from Bangalore

Hello all, I am Chandrashekhar Kabanur from Bangalore, India. I have limited software development experience. My past 20 years have been in railway signalling projects worldwide. Since last couple of months, I am technically struggling to initiate a ...

Hello Neo4j world

Hi everyone I am Varada Iyengar from Houston, USA. I lead product engineering services for a startup and we are currently evaluating Neo4j for a client. I look forward to participating, learning and contributing to the community. I am particularly p...

Hi community!

Hi, I'm a computer science student and I approached some projects at neo4j during my university career. Regards

Gerard Klijs, interested in Kafka and GraphQL

Hi, two weeks ago I was already at a local meetup about Neo4J, and last week they were also present at GraphQL summit. I've been interested and doing projects with Kafka since 4 years. Also I think GraphQL is great, for several reasons, but mainly be...

Haakon - introduction

I work as a product manager within competance sharing and enhancement in the public sector. I live in Drammen in Norway. As part of my work, I have worked extensively with SQL databases (mostly MySQL/MariaDB and PostgreSQL), both as a database admini...

New to Neo4j

Hi I'm Guy, I've been working with data for over 30 years, but new to Graphs and Neo4j. Currently building an app in python to access neo4j in Azure...lots of links in the chain there. Looking forwards to learning with this community. Many thanks. Gu...