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Data Viz Expert says hello!

Hey everyone, I'm a data visualization expert at a what has been voted as Toronto's hottest startup of 2019 by The Globe and Mail. We help big businesses migrate from legacy database systems to new cloud technologies such as Snowflake by providing tu...

pborah88 by Node Clone
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Staring from pandaria of Warcraft:)

Hi everyone! --My name is Wentao, from pandaria of Warcraft world . I'm very glad to join the community to learn and share something. I work in capital of pandaria, and my team is trying hard to something in Knowledge graph product and project in tra...

Wentao by Node Link
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Cześć from Poland,

Hello, My Name is Maciej, I´m from Poland. I'am enthusiast of Graphs Theory and Graph Databases. I am student at AGH UST in Cracow. My dream is a working in R&D Team with Graph Databases, but Actual I can working as hobby or during preparing topics/...

Hello from SF, here to do NLP graphs

Allo, this is DC, now living in SF. I'm trying out neo4j to look into doing conversation graph and natural language processing stuff. Nice to meet y'all! /dc

dcsan by Node
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Hi, I am Sara and a complete idiot

I haven't programmed since back in the late 80's but saw Neo4j and it's just my type of thing! it's taken me daaaays to create a small graph and I've got small niggles that are driving me NUTS! hoping to get some very simple answers answered! and who...

sara by Node
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Going through my Graph epiphany ! Loving it .

Hi All . .. I am Ashutosh . last 20 years in to enterprise applications on SAP , Oracle. Pretty convinced that enterprises need Graph data bases . .. Spending good amount of time on Cypher. Love the ASCI Art based syntax approach Cheers Ashutosh ...

atosh by Node Link
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'Bonjour" de France!

Hi all, I'm new to Graphical Databases. I'm from France living in Evreux (100 km from Paris). Here to learn all about Neo4j and Very enthusiastic to learn this technology So I tell you very soon about the discussions! Happy new year 2020. Christian ...

cnhx27 by Node Link
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"Hola" from Argentina!

Hi! My Name is Mariano I´m from Argentina. I'm a very old (and old fashion) sysadmin. I have more than 20 years of working in IT support. I passed through many IT departments and different specializations, from help desk to cybersecurity and all in t...