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Data Scientist from NH, USA

Hi Everyone, I'm a data scientist at an insurance company in New Hampshire, USA. I work with a number of technologies, including sometimes Neo4j. I have used it on and off for years, and we're starting to look at it more closely for some of our proje...

Greetings and salutations

My name is Hendry and I'm new to the community. I've exposure to graph db concepts but no practical experience. I work near Atlanta, GA and have been in IT for over 25 years.


I'm working for Mail.Ru Group in Russian social network Odnoklassniki ( and in charge of information security. Trying to find new approaches to presentation active information from different sources for taking decision application

Neo4j developer

Hi, I am currently implementing neo4j 3.5.1 in Telkom Indonesia. About 2 years it was exciting using this platform to inventoried all the asset of Telkom. Day by day data is growing and now the total of node(s) about 180 million. I have a case curren...

Yes, I am new to the community

Hi Neo4j community! This is Muhammad. I am pursuing a master's degree in computer science. Currently doing some research on knowledge representation. I am new to Neo4j and knowledge representation as a whole. Am eager to discover, learn and absorb pl...

Just getting started!

Hey there! I'm Michael. I am a Graphic Designer by trade, but like to script as well. I do actually use some of my scripting abilities to make my work easier. Whether that's simplifying a complex procedure in one of my Adobe Creative Cloud apps, gett...

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Sriharsha, a Neo4j developer

Hi, I am Sriharsha and I work as a Principal Engineer for Kiwi Inc. I am also a certified Neo4j developer. I would like to contribute for neo4j and also want to learn more about neo4j. Regards, Sriharsha.

Greetings from Budapest :)

Hi guys, I am Charles and I am a freelance consultant from Budapest. I am really glad neo4j was established / started, since graphs have tradition in Hungary. I personally had Barabási Albert László as my professor for a short while and I really love...

Neo4j is the greatest :)

My name is Ashkan Hovold, I work as a software developer (fullstack) in Sweden and I am currently working with neo4j along with neo4j is awesome

Mohammad Heydari

Hi there. I'm just Mohammad who is in love with graph databases such as Neo4j. I also do some study in I'm glad to be in here.

Hello from some one with 20+ years of RDBMS

Hello all Graph Gurus, I'm Naseer from Houston. I have been using Oracle since 1996. Installed Neo4J around three week ago. Please be easy on me for my stupid questions as I'm just exploring at this moment. I Was stuck on the "BoltConnectionError" an...

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