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Greetings from UNSW, Sydney

Hi, I'm Zhengyi from Sydney, a PhD student in computer science at University of New South Wales. I'm working on graph database and distributed graph processing. I've been studying Neo4j since the start of my PhD, and we are recently trying to develop...

Greetings from Sydney, Australia

Hi all, I'm learning about graph DBs when I'm not working full time. Mainly out of interest after reading about them for a while. At the same time I'm also getting back into Python after learning that at uni about 8 years ago. (that's scary, time fli...

Hello from Northern VA

Attended the Government Graph Day yesterday and looking forward to having access to the slideshows and the video of the event on youTube - will it be available ?

ben2 by Node
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Greeting from france

Hello, I am a biostatistician and work mainly work with R. I connect to a neo4j server using the package neo4r. William

wfarin by Node Link
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Hi from Thies,Senegal

Hi all Ibrahima from Thies Polytecnic School ,Senegal, West Africa . I'm a software engineer studend my goal is to be certified and I hope that the community will help me Thanks

Greetings from the DC/Metro Area

Hey all - I'm working as a data analyst, and my job has been expanding to consider more graph databases in our analysis. I've been diving into Neo4j to try to expand my tools some, specifically in the area of graph ML, and I'm really fascinated with ...

Tyler from Texas - Massive Dataset

Hello all. My team is trying to figure out if Neo4j meets our needs for our next project. We have have a dataset of 200 million records of two different types, I'll call them A (180M records) nodes and B (20M records) nodes, and need to validate whe...

tyler by Node
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Using Neo4j in Genomics/Bioinformatics

Hello, My name is Antonio and I am a bioinformatics researcher. You can find me here: My group is using Neo4j for genomics/bioinformatics applications and we are happy to share our work and to learn more from all...