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Hello from Joe in Northern Virginia

I'm a graph nerd from way back - my PhD work and much of my 25-year career since then has been graph-related. Currently the Chief Architect on a large government enterprise knowledge management software project.

Hi from Cambridge, U.K

Hi people, Just joining up as a newly accepted start-up program member Working from Cambridge in the United Kingdom and embarking on a steep learning curve - I used to be a developer, but all my coding muscles have atrophied after years managing Desi...

Hello neo4j family I am Zakariya

I am currently using neo4j for my masters thesis. so far I have built an app using nodejs, neo4j ,googlemap and chart.js to simulate relationships between critical infrastructure. I do get stuck along the way, but thanks to the rich support community...

Peter's Hello from Seattle

Hello community! I'm new to neo4j and am endeavoring to integrate neo4j into an existing web project, somehow. Existing app resembles a tree structure, illustrated below Tree app illustration: AAAAA CCC(BBB) DDD(BBBBB) AAA BBBBB BBB In the tree...

Hello my name is Kostas

Hi my name is Kostas . I am from Greece currently working in Brazil. My expectation is a better understanding of graph databases in order to investigate the possibility to use neo4j for manufacturing and maybe do a POC.

Hello from Fred in San Diego

I am a bioinformatician working on a Neo4j database that supports genomic and clinical data related to ALS. I have a prototype ETL application written in Java & Scala that integrates data from a wide range of public databases. I am revising that appl...

Greetings from Zeeshan

Hello everyone, I am life long learner and like to get familiar with different tools and technologies. Neo4j graph databses and its courses appealed me and made me go for its certification and pass it. I have background in CS/AI/Data Science and my r...

Hello from Auckland, New Zealand

Hello everyone, I am really new to the tech stack of graph database. Currently, I am working on the project to collect data from multi-department and use neo4j as backend database to provide a brand new quering experience(atlease I am trying to). Ton...

Hello From Silicon Valley, CA

I'm at a cyber security startup in Cupertino. We're using graphs to model relationships between communicating entities. In my old job we had a proprietary in memory graph DB, so I've been using graphs for a while now! Happy to join the Neo4j communit...

ethan by Node
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Hello from the Washington, DC area

Hi! I'm working on building a minimum viable prototype (MVP) for a startup. The idea relates to a platform for end users to build their own knowledge graphs by cross-linking content within their own user-defined ad hoc collections of documents. Of co...

irmark by Node
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Greetings from Kishore, Chennai, India

Hi all, I am a new neo4j developer, I am currently working in a Startup which primarily serves hospitality industry. In that our team develops food ordering system, last week our team got a challenge to recommend items to the user based on the past o...

Hello from Bill in Cincinnati

Hello, my name is Bill. I work for a small software company in the electric utility space. We have been using Neo4j for a couple of years and I'd first like to thank this wonderful community for all of the information it has cultivated and shared a...