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G'day from Sydney

Hello everyone! I am a Solution Architect based in Sydney, Australia - with experience and ideas in the retail space. Got interested in graph databases while researching for a hobby project idea. Hoping to build a POC soon. Neo4J makes it a lot easie...

Greeting from Jonathan in Perth, WA

Hi Everyone, I come from an Enterprise Architecture background and am particularly interested in improving the practice of Enterprise Architecture through data. I previously used Semantic Wiki on an RDF Db to explore the decentralisation of managing ...

Ahmed is investigating Neo4j for NLP

Hi all, I was hoping to find (or build) something that automatically processes arbitrary text, and creates corresponding relations. Since long journeys start with a single step, I am gradually investigating different technologies.

asashour by Node Link
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Hello from Matt in Boston!

Hey, community! This is Matt from the Boston area, specifically Somerville. The short version of my background is: I learned software development after college and ever since, I've worked in or adjacent to the public sector, as a web developer for th...

Falling in Love with Neo4j

I am paid to innovate intelligent tools that enable companies make intelligent decisions. With 80% innovation and 20% delivery, my work and hobbies are but one. Discovering Neo4j and Cypher has brought joy in my work. Now, I am buildIng smarter Cha...

Greetings from Germany

Hello, This is Anzar from Germany, I work on data architecture and engineering technologies, I am into IT since last 20 years and in data technologies since 2003. . I have heard lot of good things about Neo4J and decided to explore it. I am also i...

Denis Gallo, Computer Science student from Italy

Hi everyone, I'm Denis Gallo, 26yo, german Computer Science student living in Italy. During my master course studies i learnt about graph databases and I really enjoyed working with neo4j, especially for the cypher query language and its syntax. I'm ...

dega93 by Node Link
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Hi I'm Lowson from Taiwan ;)

I am currently using neo4j for my post-graduate research. Recently found that neo4j is really good for social network analysis, and I found there are lots of people also interesting in this topic here. Hope to get to know you guys and sharing thought...

Lowson by Node
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Privet from Rostov-on-Don, Russia

I'm vice-rector of Don State Technical University, we're designing transformation of educational process. We want to analyze the content of tens of thousands of disciplines in our University in order to build connections between them and create a les...

Hey People ! Rafik from Tunis :)

Hey Guys, I am Rafik form tunis, commonly known as @turbopape on the nets I am finally at it Taking profit from this quarantine period to go back to my project scheduling dream (which I want to turn into a product) My product is called milestones a...