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Hello all. Animesh from India

Hello All, This is Animesh Hazra from India, working in an IT services company, mostly on oil and gas client projects. I am new to neo4j (or even graphs for that matter ) Hope to learn by starting to follow the rich discussions here and hopefully wi...

trulyani by Node Link
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Hello from Barcelona

Hello, I am an MD-PhD trainee based in Barcelona, Spain. I am intending to use Neo4J to map medical information, looking at ways to visualize an open knowledge graph -at the moment helping to set an international consortium to build up such resource....

Enric by Node
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Using graphs in Genomics

Hello! I have introduced a graph model for the human genome and I am using Neo4j to achieve this objective. I am learning as I go and I am truly amazed that there is so much that can be done using Cypher. I am really happy to be a part of this commun...

Greetings from Dallas Texas, USA

Hi everyone, I've been experimenting with knowledge graphs for a couple of years. I am an Enterprise Architect and have served in various architect roles throughout my career. I started in relational database management and operations 25 years ago,...

Hello from a beginner

I am a researcher and adjunct professor. I am starting out learning Neo4j to see if I can apply to the area of Cybersecurity. Hope to learn a lot from this community and maybe contribute one day.

Newbie checking this out

Hi I'm a newbie curious about using a graphical DBS for dynamically displaying and querying group interaction. If its useful as I may use it as a resource for the consulting and educational work I do. I've previously written a program that graphical...

Hello Fellow Graph Enthusiasts!

Hello Neo4j community, My name is Richard and I am a computer scientist who really likes good data. I am a firm believer in graphs and their potential to solve many problems and enjoy using Neo4j as a tool to make my job easier. Hope to help others s...

Hola neo4j world!

Hello everyone! I'm Wilmer Morales. I'm from Venezuela. I'm a freelance content writer, currently writing about tech trend articles for Ecorobotik's Blog. I'm also learning Python. Hope to learn from the community. Saludos a todos!

Neo4j supporting diagnosing and treating HIV

Hello all! : I'm Tom living in Freiburg in Germany and am from a small (bijou) software company which produces a system called Logiak. This is a system which empowers non programmers create logically complex systems. Great for decision support, for ...

routen by Node
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Greatings to all

Hi to all, I'm from Europe, postgraduate student. I need some help regards neo4j. Hope, we have some common thems.

Hoi hoi! Cheers

Coming from the business side of things, an enthusiastic data amateur. Currently based in Switzerland and looking to implement, for the 1st time, something production-ready based in Neo4j. I've already explored Neo4j during its early days but decided...

flavio by Node
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