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Joe Depeau - London-based Sales Engineer

Hello! My name is Joe Depeau, and I'm a Senior Pre-sales Consultant for Neo4j based out of our office in London, UK. I've been with Neo4j since September 2017 - before that my career wound through various hands-on technical, enterprise architecture...

Hi from Marcelo@Brazil!

I work with movies post-production, my interests are Python, Scala, and C++ programming. And now Neo4J of course, and I'm just starting with graph databases. Very excited to learn something new.

Hello from Vladimir Plizga

Hi there! My name is Vladimir Plizga. I live in Siberia (Russia) - you probably heard it's possible to meet a real bear on a street here, though I had never met, perhaps because there are 1.5 million citizens in the city Currently I'm a software eng...

Hi from Morteza!

I am a software developer / architect, a polyglot developer, but Java is my main language. Being in banking industries for years. I discovered Neo4j while i was developing my own Fintech application, it was amazing how Neo4j helped us to develop fast...

Hi from Idaho! ~Melissa

I'm an engineer that got placed into a data role at my company with very little data science background. I've been exploring the field and fell in love. I love the concepts of graph databases as we mostly have excels and a few SQL servers that curren...

Hey, I'm new to neo4j

Hey folks, How's it going? I'm brand new to neo4j. I've been using graphql, react and apollo for a while. For a new project I've struggled to find the perfect database. I discovered the GRANDstack today, and I'll be honest, I think neo4j is gonna wor...

Hi from Spain

hello there! We are a small company that works in several topics related to AI. We are really grateful to join this community since we truly believe in Neo4j as a connected DB. We will be posting here our questions and others. Regards,

Hello from Hadar in Israel!

I'm a Product Manager, ran several graph-based products in the last 13 years. Having vast experience, mostly with Semantic/Ontology graphs/modelling, but I'm starting to fall in love with the Neo4j solution.

Hi from Kite Software Egypt

Hi Community I am a software architecture and I am trying to use Neo4J to manage a metadata of test cases in BDD development environment. I hope I can succeed. And I also ready to share any experience. Thank you in advance.

Prototyping a Graph to replace a CMDB

Hi, I'm Bob, I'm researching the potential of using Neo4j as a centralized CMDB for CI's and metadata collected from multiple public and private cloud accounts. Given the frequency that cloud providers add new service and resource types to their ...

Hi computer science student liked Knowledge Graph

Hi my name is Abdelali mohamed belkaid from algerie my teacher introduce me to knowledge graph for my master thesis Under the title "Knowledge Graph Consistency". In order to explore this topic, which has many inconsistent definitions, I read many sc...

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