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I am Steve from the UK

After a life time working in Financial Services IT management and project management I am now semi-retired and interested in using Neo4J to develop applications which help organisations connect change initiatives to strategic business goals.

Joseph from Waterloo, Canada

Hello Everyone, I am Joseph from Waterloo, ON. Nice meeting you all. I am interested in using neo4j in the customer data related analytics. Looking forward to learn and exchange knowledge and experience with you all.

Alessio from Como, Italy

I'm Alessio Sperlinga, from Como, Italy. I'm IT passionate from 30 years. In the last five I was involved in AI, Blockchain and VR. I love graph theory and Neo4j. Actually I'm a trainer in management and soft skills and I hope to introduce Neo4j to ...

Hi from Chippyash

Belatedly starting out with Neo4j. From Northants, UK. HOD Engineering in an AWS delivered critical incident management SaaS provider

Neo4j Tyro

Hello, I am Shyam from India, living in Ireland and doing my masters in Data Science and AI. Interested in Graph analytics and Graph based deep learning. Beginner in Neo4j and would be thankful for any advice. Neo4j is awesome, like to learn and shar...

Chris from the UK in Spain

Well, it's been a while since I first came across Neo4j and started to make use of it...I'm a Brit living in Extremadura and my background is data networks, but more recently I've taken a right turn into teaching English and technology. I want to use...

Archisman from Bangalore, India

Hi! I'm Archisman Bhattacharya (Archie) from India. I am a web and mobile app developer. I develop native apps using Swift and Kotlin or cross platform apps using either Ionic or Flutter. I am the CEO of a startup called Pettler and hope to introduce...

Erik, seaman from Ukraine

Hi ! I'm Erik from Ukraine. I' am a seaman by profession, and programmer in heart. Currently i'm on board of gas tanker VEGA STAR and working on my pet project: social network for seafarers: (some kind of LinkedIn) I'm interesting to t...

Tobia from Milan, Italy

I'm Tobia Moretti, from Milan, Italy. I'm a C++/C# software engineer. I've been far from Neo4J for years, but I hope to introduce it in my company suite in the next future. Nice to meet you all here!

Ako from Cameroon

I’m Ako from Cameroon, I’m a graphics designer and a web developer. I stumbled on Neo4j while browsing on twitter and decided to check it out, and I must say I find it amazing as it can help improve problem solving and creativity. I’m always trying t...

Anthony from McAlester, OK, USA

Just sort of stumbled upon Neo4j today. I am the lead web app developer for a startup in a religous organization utilizing tech and data for His glory. Been using Apollo GraphQL backed by RDS (MySQL and running into problems and doing fancy footwork...

Kalyan From India

Been on the fence for a long time watching the developments on graphs. Been into many programming languages,data bases and processing models. Am into solution building for large and small enterprises for a long time. Seek this opportunity to build ne...

kbynd by Node
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Maryna from Ukraine

Hi all, I am Maryna from Ukraine ))) Learning java and making my first steps in neo4j. Currently, I work on a project that includes geospatial functional, and this is my task )))

t_kenaz by Node Link
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Suriel from Mexico

Hello everyone, My name is Suriel Garcia, I'm from Mexico City. In recent years I have been working as a developer and data engineer on projects in the music industry, retail, fintech, and real estate, obviously in all of them always pushing projects...

rielsu by Node
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