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Hello Graphers!

Hello Graphers!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Use this topic post as an opportunity to tell the community about who you are! This content will be searchable through the site and also added to your profile, so if you want to be discover-able based on your interests, t...

Hi, Saiful from Indonesia

Hi, I'm Saiful from Indonesia, I joined the support and innovation team related to data utilization at a finance company. One of the things our team is currently working on is exploring the use of graph data models and databases. At the same time, I ...

Appreciating opportunity to introducing myself

I have "worn multiple hats" as a consultant (no, seriously--like a Homer Simpson-esque number of consultant roles--past titles include): [Senior] Analyst ( in {Configuration Management, Modeling and Simulation, Network, [Object-Oriented] Software, S...

Came for the vibe, stayed for the tech

Hi all, You can call me Chaka in here! I'm an entrepreneur that has chosen to use Neo4j in an app we're building. After many years and projects in SQL, I decided to visit one of the Neo4j events. I decided to visit it because I've always experienced ...

Hello from Greece

Hi from Greece, I am George and I am a web developer mainly using PHP and CodeIgniter framework. I find Neo4j and Graph Databases very interesting and I decided to learn more about them so I can use them in my future projects.

New member & Cert

Greetings from greater Washington DC. I’be been using Neo4j for a few years now, and decided to get certified. The Sandbox was great for exam prep—no worries about harming real data. Now certified and glad to be here.

jeff2 by Node
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Hello graphistas from New Zealand!

I'm a long-time graph person, but digging into Neo4j at the moment. I am excited by graphs of infrastructure (physical and virtual) but will get enthusiastic about anything graph-y, so let's build something!

Hi from Hoboken, NJ

I teach and research data science/NLP at the Stevens Institute of Technology. Check my LinkedIn profile for more on my activities/background

carlo by Node
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Hello from Caracas - Venezuela

Hello! I am José Manuel, but you can call me Chema. I am a 10th semester Computer Engineering student and I am currently training with Neo4J to get a job. The truth is that I didn't know Neo4J and when I did I loved it. So you'll probably see me arou...