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Hi, Anne from Oxford

I am an artist whose practice has always been connected to taxonomy and display. I am now studying for a PhD in Fine Art and am looking at alternate taxonomies for cataloguing plants to that proposed by Linnaeus. Many years ago I was in IT but am com...

info16 by Node
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Complex Relationships

Hi All, my name is Matt. I'm a lecturer from Devon in the United Kingdom. I'm using Graphs as part of my PhD study in studying complex relationships. I'm still very new and wondered if anyone had any tips for basic use of Neo4J

Hello everyone, Àxel from Spain

Hello everyone! I'm Àxel, developer in a small start-up called Gamestry. Currently we are based in Spain. I start working at this start-up less than a year ago and as it's natural I've been doing all different types of tasks, both in frontend and bac...

axel by Node Link
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Hi, I am a GP in Norway and have been developing health care related tool such as STC (Structured Text Composer), see these videos (only available in Norwegian) Our current project is to develop CDSS (clinical decision support system) while composi...

Mike from Utah

I am currently a math faculty at Snow College in Ephraim, UT. I studied graph theory in grad school, so neo4j is a natural fit for me.

Hi I'm Marlo from California

Hi everyone, I'm excited to be jumping into graph databases and Neo4j. I am finishing up my degree in Library and Information Science at San Jose State University. I am also a web developer. I'm interested in how graph databases can assist in librari...

marlo by Node Link
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Hi... I'm Robert Quinn from the US

Long time Neo4j user, just been lazy about joining this forum. I just got my Neo4j cert and joined the Ninja program. Big fan of graph databases and I think Neo4j is the most accessible, has great features, awesome community and the most momentum. I...

Tom from Virginia

Hey there y'all! I am a solutions architect for VMware based in Virginia. I am interested in graphs as a hobby - I love the built-in visualization, and I am slowly learning where and how graphs can help me in my daily work.

tmvt by Node Link
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