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Create arcs between nodes with same label

Hi, I have the following problem. I developed a code on Spark/Python for k-medoids. Now I've managed to load the medoids that come from python directly into neo4j, meaning that spark communicates with neo4j. I also uploaded the data from a csv to neo...

Andrexx by Visitor
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Using Neo4j to model Erlang / Elixir projects?

I've been a fan of graph DBs and Neo4j for a number of years (even edited a Cypher manual), but I've never used either in anger. However, I'm currently playing around with the idea of using Neo4j to model Erlang / Elixir projects. So, I'm here to ask...


My name is Dimitris. I am new in neo4j and to be honest, I have limited experience with DBMS in general. However I find the concept of Graph Databases very interesting and also fun to play with. Have a Happy  New Year!

friend of a friend app

hi im new here and this is my first post. im trying to build an app where sharing post between friends and friend of friend  for ex consider this there are users A,B,C and D and each user can create posts. Now User A and B are friends and User B and ...

Nawaz by Node
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Hey Community,   i‘m Sebastian from Skillties in Germany. We are going to build the Best Skillmanagement/Corporate Learning Solution out there and we are accepted by neo4j in the Startup Programm. We would like to thank neo4j for the support! since n...

SLothary by Node Link
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Electrical grid modeling with Neo4J? Let's do it !

Hello everybody, I am Julien and i work for the french Transport System Operator (RTE : ). My company is in charge of high and ultra-high-voltage lines spanning the whole of France and 50 interconnections with...


Hello ,  I am Rudy , a french entry-level data engineer , I have just started learning about graph databases and Neo4j , nice to meet you all .


Hi I am a new comer from Korea. Nice to see all of you!

park by Node
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Neo4j for language study

Hi, My name is Boyd. I'm doing some volunteer work in West Africa, and as a first shot at neo4j I put together a graph database containing a personal dictionary linked to expressions and proverbs in the Jula/Mandenkan language as spoken in Ivory Coas...

Hello Everyone I am new to Neo4J

Finally I am here and I have started my journey with Neo4J . I hope this journey lasts forever with Neo4J. Looking forward to some more collaboration from this community. I am a Data Scientist by profession working at Shell Plc. , Oil , Gas and Energ...

Hello from new believer of graph DB and neo4j

I started my career life in the area of application development. I used to build the application on RDBMS. too many use cases were very difficult to model using RDBMS. I moved to business area and was disconnected from development for a while. i hear...

Resolved! Syntax error in Neo4j query which I cannot understand

I am new to Cypher query , I am trying to fetch the details of a product which does not have a relationship attached to it. I am attaching the image of the graph query and giving it a red border along with the error it throws.    

Screenshot from 2022-11-01 16-02-26.png
ag2022 by Node Link
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