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Appreciating opportunity to introducing myself

I have "worn multiple hats" as a consultant (no, seriously--like a Homer Simpson-esque number of consultant roles--past titles include):
[Senior] Analyst ( in {Configuration Management, Modeling and Simulation, Network, [Object-Oriented] Software, Systems, Test, Verification and Validation});
[Senior] Architect ( in {Enterprise, Operational/Segment, Solution, Technical}); and
[Lead/Principal] Consultant, Ontologist.

I'm looking to to add Graph Database Developer (is that an appropriate title?). I am eager to use what I perceive as the "next generation" technology post-SQL and tables.

I hope to engage in a new contract soon; and hoping to leverage Neo4j in the assignment.

The functionality I'm hoping to see include capabilities to:

  1. Visually see the nodes and relationships;
  2. Obtain pre-query memory usage and likelihood of "crashing" the DB;
  3. Preview the results of a query;
  4. Store results of queries for reuse in other queries;
  5. Store schema tuples of attributes for Types;
  6. Extend the kernel with a Type Relationship; and [the next three (3) sequentially build towards a universal EA modeling framework (a la ISO/IEC/IEEE 42010, OMG UAF)]:
  7. Extend the kernel with constraints that a Relationship must reuse specific fromType and toType, and declare the fromRole and toRole;
  8. Define Views with Correspondence Rules between Views and constraints of which NodeType and RelationTypes between those NodeTypes they permit; and
  9. Define Viewpoints which include Views with a similar perspective (e.g., Capabilities, Guidance, Integration, Operational, Networks, Projects, Requirements, Security, Systems, Traceability).

If there are others local to northern CA, I'd like to participate in--or lead--local meetings.