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Support for sh:message in neosemantics


as the output of neosemantics is quite hard to read for non-technical people, I'd love tosee  support for the sh:message within neosemantics. I also opened an issue on GitHub to demonstrate the usefulness (

Are there plans for implementation any time soon? Are there open points where I can help?


Hi @max_beikirch 

We're working on it but in the meantime you can (mis)use the sh:severity property.

It's not as user-friendly as a message, because it takes a URI as value, but you can set it to your own custom severity levels like  [ ... sh:severity sh:MissingName ] 

I understand it's not the intended use but can be a temporary hack 😉




Hello @jesus_barrasa ,

thanks a lot, this workaround works well for me!
Keep up the good work 🙂

Hi again @max_beikirch 

Support for sh:message has been added in

I've closed the issue in GitHub.

Enjoy and share your feedback!

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