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SDN 6 Releationship

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 I am using SDN 6. but in this version, I got this type of error: the Caused by: java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: The repository id type class java.lang.String differs from the entity id type class java.lang.Long. at at at at$afterPropertiesSet$5( at at at at at ... 58 common frames omitted. In my model, I connect the relationship with the self node. so how i resolve this issue?

Here my Model,


public abstract class A{
@Id @GeneratedValue @Getter @Setter protected Long id;
public class B extends A{
public class C extends A{

private String a;

private String d;

@Relationship(type = "Owner_of", direction = Direction.INCOMING)

private B b; @Relationship(type = "Parent_of", direction = Direction.OUTGOING)

private C c;

} In this structure i get Error.

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