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NeoDash parameters with other parameters

Graph Voyager

First - LOVE Neodash - Thanks to @Niels de Jong 

This is what I was looking for - very happy I attended this session at GraphConnect 2022!

I'm curious about a couple things:
1 - parameters.  I was able to add a bit more complexity by manually editing the json and re-importing.
I wanted to let someone search for companies that had an certain type of contract, and that works great!



MATCH (n:`Company`)-[:CONTRACT_FOR]-(:Crmcontract)-[:UNDER_CONTRACT]-(:Crmcharge)-[:INCLUDES_ITEM]-(:Crmitem)-[bsr]->(:Bnservice) WHERE TYPE(bsr) CONTAINS 'BLUEASSURE' and TYPE(bsr) contains 'PLAN' and toLower(toString(n.`name`)) CONTAINS toLower($input) RETURN distinct n.`name` as value LIMIT 5



Then I wanted to have ANOTHER parameter search that built off of the selected company, but that doesn't seem to work: 


MATCH (n:Contact)-[:WORKS_FOR]-(a:Company {name:$neodash_company_name}) WHERE toLower(toString( CONTAINS toLower($input) RETURN DISTINCT as value LIMIT 5


I'm curious if there's a way to use nested parameters or combine parameters for more complex used-definable fields.



Hi @pdrangeid !

Thanks for showing interest on NeoDash. Some enhancements around the Parameter Selection, interaction between Charts and global parameters is on the backlog already. 

Even if we are not there yet. There's a quick fix that should work. Are you testing it on a local environment? If is that the case, I can share you the new version of a file (yes, just one) that will allow you to 'hack' the parameter selection while this get properly implemented.

Best Regards!


Oh, y’all wanted a twist, ey?

Yes - I'm running it using the docker container against a local Neo4j database.
I'd love to see the workaround.
I must say so far I'm quite impressed with the product so far!

I'm curious if there has been any change with the newer versions to allow this.  I never got the custom version of the file - is this still an available workaround?

Hi @pdrangeid ,

I tho I merged that fix. Lemme check what happened!


Oh, y’all wanted a twist, ey?