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Neodash - cypher results in MarkDown

Graph Voyager

Parameter question:

I have a parameter selection like "Client".

Once the user selects a client, I'd like to set more than one parameter values to use:

  1. In other queries substituting the query - that's easy out-of the box already, but
  2. I'd like to build a Markdown report pulls several stats/values from the above query/parameter selection to display some information once the "client" is selected.



Hi @pdrangeid , 
Thanks for using NeoDash!
As you may have seen, it's already possible to substitute the selected parameter in a markdown report (see attached screenshot). Unfortunately it's not yet possible to generically send query results to other reports, but it sounds like an interesting addition, I will add this to the backlog. Am I understanding correctly that this would solve your challenge?

If yes, let me know, and I can keep you posted on this thread with the progress on the feature.


Yes that would work.  Aside from that, An idea I had was to add a "non-interactive" Parameter Report type that would help solve this (unless there is already a way to do what I intend).
This report would have (or default to)a "hidden:true" so in read-only mode you don't see the UI.
Within this report you would write a CYPHER query that can use other $neodash_param
and the resulting output would set $another_neodash_param to the results of the cypher query.

Is there already a way to SET a $neodash_parameter to the results of a CYPHER query other than the interactive Parameter report method?

Hi @pdrangeid , great, I've noted it down. The hidden reports feel like a nice way to do this, it's essentially a "trigger" that updates parameters dynamically based on the dashboard state changing.

> Is there already a way to SET a $neodash_parameter to the results of a CYPHER query other than the interactive Parameter report method?

Unfortunately not, parameter select reports are the only means of doing this. What you could do, however, is "hack" the save file of a NeoDash dashboard and change the query used by a parameter select report to be no longer bound to the node property itself. (The line to change is marked in grey here in the screenshot.) In this query, the value "$input" will always be set to the property selected by the user, and you can return any "value" which will be the dashboard parameter that is set.

This is a little unintentional / undocumented feature, but I've seen people do it successfully. 

Best of luck and thanks again for the feedback,