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Neo4j & Apache Nifi

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Hi community members,

I've been looking for integrating Apache Nifi along with Neo4j. I did find blog posts related to how to configure the Controller Service in Nifi from the graph bundle. Unfortunately, latest one has been built using neo4j-java-driver v1.6.2 and is not compatible with Neo4j 4.x. Enabling the controller fails in reaching the Neo4j database.

Does anyone know whether this integration will be updated to be Neo4j 4.x compatible with some time ?

I guess I should cross-check on Apache Nifi side as well. Just in case.

I've seen that Kafka is also being part of Neo4j Streams integration as the tool of choice. Might need to switch and study that one.

Any feedback or recommendation appreciated.
Best regards



Hi @xavier.lefumeux

Do you have a link to that blog post?



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Hi Ljubica,


Actually, I've been through the following links:

  • Nifi Graph bundle : that one explains that one needs the Nifi graph bundle which is not embedded by default within Nifi package (note on links to the nar files, update them to point to latest Nifi version or the one you use (replace 1.10 by 1.12.1 typically) in my case accessing
  • Neo4j & Nifi : that post from the community highlights that it is facing a 4.x incompatibility issue since latest nars from nifi repository have been built with neo4j java driver 1.6.2 and not latest 4.x ones.

I haven't tried yet to rebuild it changing the dependency to 4.x (just in case it works by any chance 🙂 but I assume there have been quite some changes and I'm unsure whether that would work right away anyway.

So, still checking at the moment if there is any plan on Nifi side to release a new version aligned to Neo4j 4.x. Neo4j 4.x comes with Neo4j Streams integrating with Kafka. Will look into it as well later on.

Hope this helps
Best regards

Were you successful in rebuilding the bundle with the revised dependency to 4.x? I'm have the same issue?