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Managing Databases on a K8s cluster


Hi all,
I have a casual cluster running on K8s (Statefulset & PVCs...) on AWS.

Since in my company we'll need to hold multiple databases for all our clients.
I'm trying to find some leads on what's the proper way to manage databases life cycle (creation,deletion..).

I'm basically looking for something like the MongoDB operator.
I saw this operator on Github:

but I'm not sure that it can do the trick for me.



I'm not familiar with that repo, but after a quick check it looks like it hasn't had any commits in 3 years, and just knowing how Neo4j has advanced -- it's really unlikely that would work (it's also marked alpha, I think)

Neo4j at present doesn't provide or support any k8s operators. Instead helm charts are provided.

In terms of managing database lifecycle, the best I can recommend right now is to use the health check status endpoints for databases. These can be the targets for k8s automated monitoring approaches.