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Instructions on using PersistentVolume don't work in availability zone aware AKS clusters


FYI: the instructions for using the azureDisk volume type [2] to attach manually created [1] managed disks in Azure for AKS clusters deployed across availability zones does not work.

  1. The az create disk command lacks a --zone parameter.
  2. Even then, the azureDisk volume type (provided by the azure storage CSI driver) does not dynamically create style nodeSelector labels so the mount fails with non-matching zone errors.

However, using the dynamic storage provisioning mode does work [3]. The quickstart instructions should probably be updated to reflect that, or else the helm charts updated to allow setting a nodeSelector to match the volume's zone.


[1] Create a persistent volume for each cluster member - Operations Manual
[2] Create Helm deployment values files - Operations Manual
[3] Volume mounts and persistent volumes with the Neo4j Helm Charts - Operations Manual


Node Link

Hi Brian,

Thanks for bringing this to our notice.

We are in process of adding nodeselector feature to our helm charts. Once the feature is ready we will be definitely updating the documentation with the same.

Thanks for reporting this to us. Appreciate your time and effort.


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